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Upgrade Required - Download Removed - RPG AP KIT:

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System Requirements:
MAC: 10.6 + Running English OS

Aperture 3 Running English

Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 Running English

1 Free USB Port

Regular Internet Connectivity

This Product Requires the OS and the desired program to be running English

RPG Plug-in for Aperture 3
1 58 key RPG KEY Keyboard
Pre Sales only
Ship date = 9/25/2010

PRE SALE EVENT! Order your plug-in today and you will be the first in line when the product ships on September 25th

The Aperture module for RPG offers 90% of the same features included with our Lightroom modules.

This product includes our 58 Key Keyboard + RPG Aperture plug-in.

This includes functions for the following and so much more!

#1: All native shortcuts
#2: 24 user defines Presets
#3. All stock presets

Tint + / -
Temp + / -

Exposure + / -
Recovery +/-
Black Point +/-
Brightness +/-

Contrast +/-
Definition +/-
Saturation + /-
Vibrancy +/-

Highlights +/-
Shadows +/-
Rang +/-

Reset Adjustments

Quick Brush - Blur
Quick Brush - Burn
Quick Brush - Contrast
Quick Brush - Definition
Quick Brush - Dodge
Quick Brush - Intensify
Quick Brush - Polarize
Quick Brush - Saturation
Quick Brush - Sharpen
Quick Brush - Tint
Quick Brush - Vibrancy

1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Stat

Add Blue Label
Add Green Label
Add Gray Label
Add Orange Label
Add Purple Label
Add Red Label
Add Yellow Label

Assign Name

Black & White Controls
Chromatic Aberration Controls
Color / Monocrome Controls

Compare Mode
Duplicate Image
Create version from master
Create version from master and add to selection

Crop Tool
Customize Metadata Overlays
Cycle View

Decrease Loupe Diameter
Decrease Loupe Magnification

Decrease Rating and Move to Next Image
Decrease Rating
Decrease Thumb Size

Deselect All
Devigneette Controls
Duplicate Image
Edge Sharpen Controls

Edit with default editor
Edit with plug-in #1
Edit with plug-in #2

Email version
Empty Aperture Trash
Enter Faces View
Enter Places View
Enter Stack Compare Mode
Enter/Edit full screen

Export Masters
Export Version

Filmstrip view
Grid View

Highlights Hot and Cold Area
Highlights and Shadows Controls

Increase Loupe Diameter
Increase Loupe Mag
Increase Rating
Increase Rating and Move On
Increase Thumb Size
Invert Selected

Keyword 1
Keyword 2
Keyword 3
Keyword 4
Keyword 5
Keyword 6
Keyword 7
Keyword 8

Lift Tool
List view
New Album
New Folder
New Project
New Smart Album
Noise Reduction

Open / Close Stack
Print Image
Promote Stack Item
Put focus in Library Inspector

Quick Preview
Red Eye Correction
Reject and advance
Remove Color Label

Remove Keyword 1
Remove Keyword 2
Remove Keyword 3
Remove Keyword 4
Remove Keyword 5
Remove Keyword 6
Remove Keyword 7
Remove Keyword 8
Retouch Brush
Rotate Browser Position
Rotate Image Left
Rotate Image Right
Rotate Tool
Scale to Fit

Secondary Alternate
Secondary Blank
Secondary Desktop
Secondary Mirror
Secondary Span

Select All in Stack
Select All
Select and advance
Select Compare Item
Selection Tool

Sepia Tone Controls

Set Stack Pick

Show 1 Star or better
Show 2 star or better
Show 3 star or better
Show 4 star or better
Show 5 star or better

Show all
Show flagged images
Show Master
Show rejects only
Show unrated only

Shuttle Left / Right
Split Stack
Stack Image selected
Stamp Tool
Stop Shuttle
Straighten Tool
Swap Browser Position
Viewer Compare
Viewers Show Multiple
Viewer Show One
Viewer Stack
Vignette Controls
White Balance Controls
Zoom viewer In
Zoom viewer out

For use with: Compatible with Mac

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