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System Requirements:

  • PC: Vista or Seven. 32 bit or 64 bit systems
  • PC: Lightroom 4. (LR5 Coming Soon)
  • MAC: 10.7 + Running English OS
  • MAC: Lightroom 4 or 5 Running English
  • Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 Running English
  • 1 Free USB Port
  • Regular Internet Connectivity

  • This Product Requires the OS and the desired program to be running English


  • Control all the major SLIDERS in Lightroom
  • Trigger all user PRESETS in Lightroom
  • Review 6 photos at a time in Lightrom
  • Trigger all the menu or sub menu items in Lightroom, Bridge, Photoshop and more. (MAC ONLY)
  • Trigger all of your PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS
  • Trigger any ACR presets in Bridge
  • Trigger all your Photoshop tools

  • Did you purchase the RPG KEY hardware from a friend?
    Do you already own either the 16 key, 22 key RPG KEYS?
    Or Perhaps the 58 Key XKEY?

    Now you can either demo or just purchase the RPG KEYS program
    to enjoy with the hardware you already own.

    When you subscribe or buy, you will enjoy all the training, tech support and help that any of the RPG KEYS customers enjoy. If you elect to subscribe for the program and down the road decide your not using the application, you simple need to email us to remind us that you are not using our keypad but rather have your own. Your special in that way. :-)

    Drop me a line with any questions.



    Buyers enjoy never having to worry about a monthly upgrade. You own the application as it exists on the way you purchased it. If we offer an update within twelve months of you purchase you will enjoy this for free.

    SUBSCRIBERS avoid paying so much up front but pay a little each month. Subscribers enjoy NEVER having to pay for upgrades and always have the latest release of the RPG KEY application. Subscribers also enjoy discounted new hardware when we release them.

    Subscribe or buy.... Your welcome here at RPG KEYS. We are photographers who built this tool to increase the profits of our studio. And it worked. :-) It will work for you as well if you give it a try. I bet we can cut your photo editing time in half if you sink your teeth into this product.

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