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The new 22 key RPG KEY is a big improvement over the 16 key and we think you will love it.

This product sells for $399, but because your a monthly subscriber, you can upgrade to the new keys for only $39. Simply click the "pay" button below and then mail your keys back to us. We will ship out the new 22 key keyboard the same day.

We will be shipping you BLANK KEYS so that you can setup your RPG KEY to suit your workflow needs. If you would rather we ship you keys setup for Lightroom or Photoshop please just email us and we can do that. But if you don't reach out, we will ship keys that are a clean slate and ready for your customization.

Ship to your keys to us at:

Attn: Keyboard Exchange
20 McAuley Rd.
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

WARNING: If you are an RPG OWNER rather than a Subscriber, this program is not available to you. If you would like to upgrade your hardware, let us know and we will work with you on a case by case basis.

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