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  • Welcome to the RPG blog.

    Any good salesman will tell you about the importance of branding and the need for preservation and consistency in your company's image and mission.  Well, is it possible to make a brand out of genetics?  

    The Riley Brothers, Tim and Chris, are the RPG brand.  If you have ever encountered them at a traded show, you know that you can't miss them as they are both over 6 ft tall, blond and with striking blue eyes.  They both provide for their families by capturing beautiful wedding, commercial, and portrait photographs.

    Perhaps better than providing you, the reader, with an image of how they work, you would learn more from how they lead their lives.  

    Tim and Chris are avid surfers, who even partake in the dead of winter if they swell is good enough.  And mind you - they live in Maine!  We're not talking tropical waters here.  They ski all winter and business is usually conducted on a lift as opposed to in a conference room.  They ride their bikes - even if only to push the other one farther.  Internal competition drives them to always be striving to be better.  Better athletes, photographers, husbands, fathers.

    This is RPG.  A company built on values by two men who grew up together and have shared life's ups and downs.  This is who you want standing behind a product that you buy.  Tim and Chris care about their clients and offer exceptional customer service and even dole out workflow advice because they want to teach and reach out to the larger photographic community.

    So, perhaps when you are thinking about why you should buy a product.  Perhaps you should consider who you would rather do business with instead.  Because I don't know about you, but up here in Maine - we don't have enough people where we can be cavalier with anyone else's life or how they spend their time.  So let us save you some!


    The wife of Tim  :) 

RPG KEY + Photoshop

using this tool you can assign 147 of your most used Photoshop actions and Photoshop tools to keys on our keypad. This system is a must for photographers who spend time working with Photoshop.

1/13/2010… NEW FEATURES!
Our new PS Plug-In searches your computers Hard Drive and finds all of the actions you have installed into photoshop. This includes not only actions but Brushes, Scripts and almost every Photoshop tool!
Here are just a few!

Up to 147 User Defined Actions.

Go to Background Layer
Canvas Size tool
Duplicate Layer
Duplicate Image
Flatten Layer
Free Transform Tool
Go to Bridge
Image Size
Last Layer
Select Liquify Tool
New Layer
Next Layer

RPG Launcher Next
RPG Launcher Last

Save & Close

Select Anchor Tool
Select Art Brush Tool
Select Audio Annotation Tool
Select Blur Tool
Select Bucket Tool
Select Burn In Tool
Select Clone Stamp Tool
Select Color Replacement Tool
Select Color Sampler Tool
Select Convert Anchor Tool
Select Crop Tool
Select Custom Shape Tool
Select Delete Anchor Tool
Select Direct Selection Tool
Select Dodge Tool
Select Ellipse Tool
Select Eraser Tool
Select Eyedropper Tool
Select Freeform Pen Tool
Select Gradient Tool
Select Horizontal Type Mask Tool
Select Inverse
Select Lasso Tool
Select Line Tool
Select magic Eraser Sool
Select Magic Stamp Tool
Select Magic Wand Tool
Select Magnetic Lasso Tool
Select Marquee Ellipse Tool
Select Marquee Rectangle Tool
Select Marquee Single Column Tool
Select Marquee Single Row Tool
Select Move Tool
Select Notes Tool
Select Paint Brush Tool
Select Patch Selection Tool
Select Path Selection Tool
Select Pattern Stamp Tool
Select Pen Tool
Select Pencil Tool
Select Polygon Select Tool
Select Polygon Tool

RPG KEY + Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom program is an amazing tool but it seems to lack shortcuts to the tools that professional photographers need to use daily.

This “plug-in” like application used in conjunction with our keyboard will likely cut your editing time in half.

Its just that simple!

Our RPG LR keyboard includes keys for:
24 user Defined Presets.
Edit in Photoshop
Edit in 1 other app.

Star +
Star –

Red Flag
Blue Flag

Flag +
Flag –

Enable Filters

Quick Collect

Show Clipping

Color Gray

Left Panel
Right Panel

Library – Develop Module Toggle

Select all
Select None

Grid View

Duplicate selected photo

Survey View
Compare view

Before & After view

Select White Balance Tool


Reset to import status

Tint +
Tint –

Temperature +
Temperature –

Brightness +
Brightness –

Recovery +
Recovery –

Blacks +
Blacks –

Paste Last

Contrast +
Contrast –

Last Image
Next Image

Exposure +
Exposure –

Saturation +
Saturation –

Sharpness +
Sharpness –

Vibrance +
Vibrance –

Auto Tone
Auto White Balance

Reject Flag
Un-Reject Flag

Clarity +
Clarity –

Fill Light +
Fill Light –


Open Adjustment Panel
Close Adjustment Panel
Open Gradient Panel
Close Gradient Panel
Select Clone Tool
Select Heal Tool
Select Crop Tool
Select Line Crop Tool

Speed Crop as 4×6
Speed Crop as 5×7
Speed Crop as 8×10

Select Hue TAT Tool
Select Saturation TAT Tool
Select Luminance TAT Tool
Select Gray TAT Tool
Select Tone Curve TATTool

Select Curve Point

Copy Settings
Paste Settings


Offering great service.

We are photographers.   This is what we love and how we got to our location in life.

So when a photographer makes an investment with us, we try our best to go above and beyond to take care of them.   Everyone gets the same great service, no matter how big or small they might be.    Recently I spent some time on the phone with a customer and he took a moment to rave about us.

Here is a link to the article:    http://blog.jaylance.com/2010/09/11/cool-tool-cool-company/

And here is what he wrote:

Cool Tool… Cool Company!


As many of you know, I use a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to edit and manage my work. Earlier this year I shot a wedding (this one) and that day I also happened to have two additional photographers shooting with me. The end result was nearly 3000+(!) pictures that I needed to work through after the event. Now Adobe Lightroom is a stellar product, but one of the areas it is a bit… weak… in is keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re a Lightroom user, you know that it’s almost impossible to get any serious work done without having one hand constantly on the mouse… so many of the essential functions have no keyboard shortcuts whatsoever. In my former life I worked in the software industry, and I knew that often times using the mouse is the absolute SLOWEST way to get anything done. This is part of the reason that so many pieces of software have tons of keyboard shortcuts… It’s *way* faster to hit CTRL+C to cut something and CTRL+V to paste it elsewhere instead of having to use the mouse to go to a menu… find cut… select it… go to a menu… find paste… select it… The thought of working my way through 3000+ photographs this way was almost enough for me to trade photography for a nice career in accounting! (Not really.)

As I found myself contemplating the magnitude of the editing job before me, I started thinking that there HAS to be a better way! I began to poke around on the interwebs and it was not too long after that point that RPG Keys entered my life (www.rpgkeys.com. The nutshell description of RPG Keys is that it is an additional USB keyboard which places all of the essential functions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop literally within a single keystroke on an external dedicated keyboard. It’s like having an external 10-key keyboard, except it’s a ginormus keyboard with 58 fully customizable keys.

All was well-and-good until recently when I updated to the latest version of Lightroom… At that point things started to go a little… funky… for me as some of the keys stopped working correctly, others worked fine but also caused Lightroom to give me error messages. (Talk about Lightroom sending mixed messages!) It was then that I found out that it wasn’t just a cool tool I was dealing with, but a cool company as well. You see, at some point in the last couple of weeks I had missed the newsflash that the great people at Riley Photographic (the makers of RPG Keys) had updated their software to work with the latest version of Lightroom. So when I sat down last night (Friday) to do a bit of editing was when I discovered that I was having problems. I emailed their tech support just before midnight (again, Friday night) thinking that with any luck I would hear something by Monday afternoon… at the earliest.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I had a reply waiting for me when I got up this morning… and not just any old reply, but a tech support reply from Tim, the owner of the company! A few minutes later when I couldn’t find the correct download link (it was early… pre-coffee…) I sent him another email, and that was how I found myself on the phone talking with Tim… the owner of the company… On a Saturday morning. I heard the happy screaming of children in the background and apologized for interrupting his family time… At that point he informed me that he was on the way to the airport with his family as he was flying to Portland to do a speaking engagement.

So consider my mind blown. The owner of the company is… helping me with my tech support question… on a Saturday morning… with his family in tow… on his way to the airport… where he’ll be flying out to go to a speaking engagement. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently the death of amazing customer service has been exaggerated. So thanks Tim, you could have let it sit until Monday and I would have been none-the-wiser… But you saved me a bunch of hours and helped me be productive with my time today. You rock. Your company rocks. Your products rock. You’ve got a customer for life in me. For those of you who use Lightroom and want to streamline your workflow (or ‘explosify your workflow’ as the folks at Riley Photographic would put it), I can’t recommend RPG Keys highly enough. It’ll change how you use Adobe Lightroom, and if you have big projects like I sometimes do, it’ll give you your life back as well.

It does make me wonder why I can’t get Bill Gates on the phone when Outlook crashes on me, though…

Another Amazing Review

This is an older review.   But what makes it so cool is that these guys purchased the keys and did not introduce themselves to us.  They wanted to form an opinion all on their own with no influence from me.  (fair enough).    So they paid full price for the keys and spent an entire year collecting data.    (dorks)

Okay… but the results are really cool!

Take a moment to read this.


RPG + Photoshop 64 Bit

I seem to get a lot of questions about Photoshop 64 bit vs 32 bit  and if the RPG KEYS work with both.

These are the system that the keys work with.

PC:   XP / Vista / Seven

MAC:  10.5 and 10.6

Photoshop CS3    32 bit

Photoshop CS4   64 & 32 Bit

Photoshop CS5  64 & 32 Bit