Any good salesman will tell you about the importance of branding and the need for preservation and consistency in your company’s image and mission. Well, is it possible to make a brand out of genetics?

The Riley Brothers, Tim and Chris, are the RPG brand. If you have ever encountered them at a traded show, you know that you can’t miss them as they are both over 6 ft tall, blond and with striking blue eyes. They both provide for their families by capturing beautiful wedding, commercial, and portrait photographs.

Perhaps better than providing you, the reader, with an image of how they work, you would learn more from how they lead their lives.

Tim and Chris are avid surfers, who even partake in the dead of winter if they swell is good enough. And mind you – they live in Maine! We’re not talking tropical waters here. They ski all winter and business is usually conducted on a lift as opposed to in a conference room. They ride their bikes – even if only to push the other one farther. Internal competition drives them to always be striving to be better. Better athletes, photographers, husbands, fathers.

This is RPG. A company built on values by two men who grew up together and have shared life’s ups and downs. This is who you want standing behind a product that you buy. Tim and Chris care about their clients and offer exceptional customer service and even dole out workflow advice because they want to teach and reach out to the larger photographic community.

So, perhaps when you are thinking about why you should buy a product. Perhaps you should consider who you would rather do business with instead. Because I don’t know about you, but up here in Maine – we don’t have enough people where we can be cavalier with anyone else’s life or how they spend their time. So let us save you some!


The wife of Tim 🙂

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