The RPG Workflow (5 Videos)

While helping people with the keys, I often end up just teaching Lightroom. It has become my other job, and I love it! Tonight Chris and I will sharing our workflow to about 60 photographers from the Maine Photographers Coalition and we thought putting the 5 key parts of the talk into video form might be helps.

So if your new to Lightroom, or just need help with your workflow…. Take some time to watch these videos. THESE ARE NOT ABOUT THE KEYS! You will not learn anything about the RPG KEY product in this videos….. Just how we use Lightroom when we are without a set of keys.

Step #1. File + Folder Prep.
We start every job with a set of files + folders that are the same from job to job. The job folder lives on our desktop and when we are done with our edits and manipulations, it gets moved to a backup system.

Step #2. Creating a job specific Lightroom Catalog + Import
Each job gets its own LR catalog in our studio. It just makes working between two studio locations much easier for us. If you are using (LR 3+) you “might” get away with 1 catalog but speed could become an issue. In this video we explain how to change file names, preview size and all the import settings that we use.

Step #3. Flagging and Ranking our Images.
In this video we explain a few different methods for finding the keepers in a body of work. For the new to Lightroom crowd, pay close attention to how we setup the filters. If you are an RPG KEY owner the “single pass” workflow talked about in this video might be just for you!

Step #4. Image Editing.
This video explains some of the basic develop tools in Lightroom. Very basic and if you know Lightroom this video might be a waste of your time.

Step #5. Exporting.
In this video we explain how to make a watermark in the new LR 3 and the different choices we make while exporting.

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