RPG KEY + Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom program is an amazing tool but it seems to lack shortcuts to the tools that professional photographers need to use daily.

This “plug-in” like application used in conjunction with our keyboard will likely cut your editing time in half.

Its just that simple!

Our RPG LR keyboard includes keys for:
24 user Defined Presets.
Edit in Photoshop
Edit in 1 other app.

Star +
Star –

Red Flag
Blue Flag

Flag +
Flag –

Enable Filters

Quick Collect

Show Clipping

Color Gray

Left Panel
Right Panel

Library – Develop Module Toggle

Select all
Select None

Grid View

Duplicate selected photo

Survey View
Compare view

Before & After view

Select White Balance Tool


Reset to import status

Tint +
Tint –

Temperature +
Temperature –

Brightness +
Brightness –

Recovery +
Recovery –

Blacks +
Blacks –

Paste Last

Contrast +
Contrast –

Last Image
Next Image

Exposure +
Exposure –

Saturation +
Saturation –

Sharpness +
Sharpness –

Vibrance +
Vibrance –

Auto Tone
Auto White Balance

Reject Flag
Un-Reject Flag

Clarity +
Clarity –

Fill Light +
Fill Light –


Open Adjustment Panel
Close Adjustment Panel
Open Gradient Panel
Close Gradient Panel
Select Clone Tool
Select Heal Tool
Select Crop Tool
Select Line Crop Tool

Speed Crop as 4×6
Speed Crop as 5×7
Speed Crop as 8×10

Select Hue TAT Tool
Select Saturation TAT Tool
Select Luminance TAT Tool
Select Gray TAT Tool
Select Tone Curve TATTool

Select Curve Point

Copy Settings
Paste Settings


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