And yet another super review of RPG KEYS

When someone purchases the RPG KEY system we include a 30 minute over the phone lesson on how to best use the keys. As a studio owner I always hated purchasing a new product and feeling that I had to learn how to use it by reading the “destruction manual.” And that is why we walk our photographers through the RPG KEY system over the phone.

Today I reconnected with Ron to help him with the free upgrade of the RPG KEYS for Lightroom 2.0. After our chat, I asked Ron to email me “two lines” about his experience with the RPG KEY.

This is what I got from him…. a little more than 2 lines.

————-Pasted From Ron——————–
First of all thank you for the excellent customer support you are giving to those of us who have invested in your RPG Keys. You have been available and responsive and willing to spend all the time necessary to help get me “up and running” with this new method of processing in Adobe Lightroom.

When I first heard of RPG Keys it sounded too good to be true, so I held off buying for over six months. After hearing from fellow professional photographers (who I respect with their years of experience), that your RPG Keys had revolutionized their workflow, I decided to take a chance (noting your 30 day return policy in case I didn’t like it.)

Well, after just 3 weddings using RPG Keys, I have learned enough shortcuts to Cut my workflow time by 40 to 50 percent!! I can see where other photographers who were more production-driven could achieve an 80 percent reduction in the time they spent on post-shooting processing. As for me, I am now free to do more creative versions of images and still get them delivered to the client ahead of schedule. It has literally restored much of the joy to working with the images that was vanishing due to the shear increasing number of images we have been shooting in recent years! Now I can have it ALL, higher numbers of deliverable images with INDIVIDUAL color and exposure correction, AND the time to do special creative versions that allow me to still feel like an artist. I had been contemplating having to farm out the processing work on some of my weddings, just because of the overwhelming volume of pictures to be adjusted. Now with RPG, I still do all the work in-house and I actually have time to take a day or two off every week!!

Thank you for all this has done for my business and for my family.

Ron Shaw
Seattle, WA

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