RPG + Photoshop User TV

About 6 months ago I mailed a set of RPG KEYS to Matt Kloskowski from Photoshop User TV thinking he might get a kick out of our Lightroom gizmo. It was a long shot but it was worth the price of postage for sure!

Matt stopped by our booth at Photo Plus last week to introduce himself and to see what the RPG was actually all about. Matt was quite open with me, stating that he had a lot of reservations about the keys because of the price and had yet to play with the demo I mailed him.

I was thrilled with Matt’s honesty and that he took a moment to introduce himself. I explained to Matt that the RPG KEY was really designed for high volume photographers who are looking for ways to cut their editing time. Skeptical for sure, Matt watched as I demo’ed the keys for a moment.

As I edited about 50 photos in 3 minutes Matt looked like he might be a little impressed with our toy and thanked me for the demo. Honestly, I thought I would never hear from Mr. Klowskowski again. But this week in Matt’s weekly video lesson Matt mentioned RPG. He stated that yes, the keys are pricy, but for high volume photographers, it would be a good investment in time savings.

Thanks for the plug Matt!

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